Four tips to get your favourite flight seat

Either you are an ‘aisle addict’ or ‘window lover’ when travelling. Whatever your preference these four tips can help secure your favourite seat:

  1. Loyalty matters Depending on the airline, a loyalty card may entitle economy fliers to a better seat. Check if another airline has a codeshare agreement with your carrier as your card may also work with them.
  2. Check in at the airport – Sometimes window seats have opened up as a result of cancellations. If you use a self-service kiosk, you can often review your seat selection and change to a different seat.
  3. Pay for it – Most airlines allow you to choose your own seat when you book a trip online. Click on a button saying something like “pick my seats.” If you have connecting flights, click on “next flight” so you can choose a seat on that plane as well.
  4. Ask for it – If you haven’t secured your desired seat before going through security, get to the boarding gate early and ask if there’s any way to switch. If you don’t succeeded you can always look for people traveling on their own. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they can swap.

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