5 ways to prepare for an important work trip

When you attend events around the world there are some aspects you need to plan. We have five tips to help you avoid any last-minute surprises!

  1. Contact details – Make sure you have everyone on speed dial for your event. That includes new contacts and people in your organization. You might need to reach out to a colleague to ask for help.
  2. Always plugged-in – Your phone is your best friend, so make sure it’s fully loaded for the show and bring a charger or power bank to be on the safe side. Also check if you need other plugs, nothing is more annoying than not being able to charge your phone.
  3. Wi-Fi on – You should be able to access Wi-Fi at the event, but if for some reason it’s not working, don’t panic. Your phone can be an excellent tool for emergencies.
  4. Sing little bird, sing – Help your company with social media around the event. Make sure you have easy access to your social media apps and share what’s going on, while using the event tags. Also ask your social media manager what tags your company is using.
  5. An extra tip for event rookies – To dress up for an event is totally fine of course. But remember you will be standing and rushing around all day. So think carefully about what to wear. And when you really want to put on those fancy shoes bring some comfy ones as well.

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