Air Trends Report by CWT Solutions Group

A bi-monthly forecast powered by CWT Solutions Group, the data and consulting arm of CWT.

Forecasting from May to June 2019

Global Trend Average Ticket Price

We forecast average ticket prices (ATPs) globally to remain relatively unchanged in May and June 2019, at $660.40 and $672.14, dipping just slightly -1.0% and -0.9%, respectively, compared with May and June 2018.

With negotiations over Brexit and the U.S.-China trade disputes still up in the air, dramatic swings in air prices are similarly kept at bay, pending the final outcome.

At the same time, while the recent spate of bankruptcies that hit the industry, including Germania, Jet Airways and Wow Air, may affect local markets, CWT Solutions Group is forecasting little impact on prices globally as overall airline capacity and passenger demand are expected to grow at the same pace through 2019, according to IATA.

Global Trend economy class usage

Economy class usage is expected to remain flat in May and June this year compared with same time last year, with 91.9% and 91.8%, respectively, of total tickets projected to be used in economy class in May and June 2019.

Global trend advanced booking usage

Bookings done at least 14 days before departure are projected to average around 43.7% and 42.6%, respectively, in May and June this year—a 3% and 7% increase from 2018. Overall, CWT Solutions Group expects advanced booking usage to average 42% to 44% over the long term.

Global trend online booking usage

Usage of online booking tools globally continues its upward ascent owing to a combination of companies’ willingness to reduce booking fees and a greater awareness of digital capabilities on the part of travelers.

While OBT usage was at 40% in early 2018, CWT Solutions Group expects it to cross the 50% threshold in the coming months, projecting 49.8% and 52.5% usage by May and June this year.

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