Are you travel-fit?

Blog post by Julian Walker, Head of External Market Communications and PR at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

When traveling on business, only four in ten of us actually stick to our fitness routines.

And only just over half of us are honest enough to admit that, despite our best intentions, our health and fitness regimes can be disrupted by travel.

But did you know that business travelers from Asia Pacific are the most likely to exercise while traveling? Or, that they are also the most likely to get as much rest as possible on business trips?

I made the 60 second video below (lots of background noise in the gym, I discovered) about some recent CWT research findings into health and well-being on business trips – and you can see some actual stats in the infographic at the end of this post.

As more and more hotels and destinations have begun to prioritize fitness and wellness, maybe we business travelers should do so too – after all, it is the time for New Year Resolutions.

So, with apologies to Nina Simone – it’s a new dawn … it’s a new day … it’s a new year … and I’m going to be feeling good.


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