RoomIt by CWT™ Research Reveals Key Differences in Business Traveler Hotel Preferences by Country

According to research commissioned by RoomIt by CWT™, the hotel distribution division of CWT, the B2B4E travel management platform, business travelers want different hotel experiences based on the country they are from.

The survey compiled responses from 660 business travelers from nine countries to identify what influences them to choose a particular hotel during the booking process. The results revealed that globally, having access to Wi-Fi (84%), room rate (81%), distance from business site (81%) and breakfast (79%) are the most important influences. Key differences were also revealed, such as business travelers from India are the most swayed by having access to a health club (41%) and loyalty programs are the most important to those from Mexico and Germany (46%).

“We continually work to understand business travelers’ specific wants and needs so we can offer the accommodations that will improve their satisfaction,” said Scott Hyden, SVP and Chief Experience Officer of RoomIt. “We know that you have to get the basics right in order to maximize compliance and reduce travel spend.”

Several other key takeaways from the results— business travelers from Germany are most persuaded by photos (56%) while travelers from Australia are the least likely to experiment with new hotel brands (29%). US travelers are more likely to consider hotels with promotions, while Canadians are less likely to be impacted.

Travelers from the UK are less likely to use their company’s booking tools (25%), compared with those from Germany (36%). German travelers, additionally, rely most on having someone else book their travel (41%) or going offline to speak with a travel agent (40%) compared with their counterparts in the UK (32% and 17%, respectively).

Overall, business travelers are more likely to stay at upper midscale to upper upscale properties, but there are key regional differences. India and Australia are more likely to stay in luxury properties (35% and 25%), while Mexico, the US and Italy are more likely to stay in upper midscale properties (35%, 32%, 27%).

Globally, when asked what attributes best describe the ideal hotel accommodation, results show that the hotel and service are stronger drivers than amenities, image or location. Quality (44%), trustworthiness (38%), convenience (40%), quietness (30%), affordability (28%) and coziness (28%) resonate the strongest. Regionally, quality is most important to India (63%), while affordability and convenience (40% and 40%, respectively) are most important to the US. France prefers coziness and quiet the most (49% and 39%), while Mexico ranks trustworthiness the highest (54%).

About the survey

Survey data was collected from more than 660 business travelers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, and Mexico. Business travelers were defined as people who spent at least one night away from home traveling for business and identified themselves as managed or unmanaged business travelers over the age of 18.


About RoomIt by CWT

RoomIt by CWT™ is the hotel distribution division of CWT. Every day we match travelers with the right room at the right rate, and every minute we book over 30 hotel rooms. We also provide travelers with the amenities and loyalty programs they want, while helping organizations control their budget and improve travel oversight.

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