We can all make a difference!

CWT Responsible Business – blog by Virpi Paasonen, Director, CWT Nordic Zone

At CWT, we aim high in every aspect of our business. Thus, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously, and in this area we have defined a set of high-level objectives for 2020. We define them within our framework of ‘Responsible Business domains’ – because we believe that in order to succeed with CSR it must be tied to our core business.

The objectives are set within key domains such as ethics, human resources, environment, products & services and community involvement.

In all the key domains, we have set the goals very high and our employees are very committed to CSR actions, projects and initiatives. We are all very proud of our achievements, and it is easy to get colleagues involved in our CSR actions. A good example is our focus within the area of community involvement. Here, we keep the communication simple: Three E’s guide our actions: Education, Emergency and Essential needs. Worldwide in CWT, this has led to 217 community projects over a period of two years.

Responsible business is a continuous project and I’m proud to say that it is part of our everyday life in CWT. And nobody rests on the laurels. More wants more – we want to achieve more every year.

It’s not a walk in the park, though. As we operate in over 150 countries the biggest challenge we have is the documentation. So even though everybody tries their best, I have the feeling that maybe we can’t collect all our great CSR actions 100 % from all countries. Nevertheless, our CWT Responsible Business Team in Paris office have done an excellent job and have created easy to use templates to gather all the information globally.

In tough moments my spirit is lifted, however, knowing that our top management is really committed to CSR – because we all know that top management support is key. It just makes everybody try a little harder when their efforts are being recognized and appreciated. Even when it’s sometimes difficult to document everything through hard facts.

I really enjoy hands-on projects. Because it works on so many levels. A great example of this happened last summer when the entire Finnish management team and group of CWT Finland staff was invited to clean the beautiful city beaches in Helsinki. Also, CWT´s global top management team made a similar effort as they went clearing litter from the River Leaway in London.

We can all make a difference. First and foremost, the urge must be rooted within ourselves, we must have the personal engagement – but it also helps to have a plan. I’m proud to say that we have both in CWT.

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