Get refunds on your unused tickets without lifting a finger!

CWT is launching a brilliant new service for our clients that proactively identifies unclaimed refunds for unused, and partially unused, airline tickets. These refunds are automatically processed on behalf of your travellers, delivering significant savings to your business.

CWT Refund Tracking will be phased in during 2019.

19% of eligible air ticket refunds are typically unclaimed by travellers*

How it works:  

  • CWT continuously monitors airline tickets booked through our offline, online and mobile channels.
  • If any unused, or partially unused, tickets are identified and a refund is not requested by the traveller, we will automatically do this on their behalf taking into account airline refund conditions.
  • The refund is shared – 70% for your organisation, and 30% for CWT – plus any contractual refund fees.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information.

*Average result based on a panel of French pilot clients in 2017.

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