The seamless experience – go CWT 3.0!

We all want to make a difference. At CWT we also aim to make a digital difference by balancing individual wants against corporate needs and deliver a seamless experience. We call it CWT 3.0.

CWT 3.0 is all about capitalizing on the data we have in order to put our customers at the center of what we do. It is about finding the winning combination of our people and technology, led by an innovative new focus on the traveler experience. By vastly improving our digital tools, we will be able to provide a more successful, confident, efficient and effective service – essentially resulting in our customers having a more ‘seamless’, easy experience with us.

The digital possibilities today are almost endless. The hardest thing is to use the technologies wisely. To me, that means to the benefit of our customers. Take GPS for example – I’m very excited about the way we’ll be using data to provide a more personalized, consumer-grade experience to our customers – specifically, our travelers.

We have a lot of data on individual travelers – we know where they travel, how often etc, and we need to use that information wisely. In my group, we develop information platforms, not just booking platforms, and we engage our travelers across all devices – an excellent example of how we aim to provide a seamless experience.

Yet we have only just begun. My most recent role at CWT was with the Hotels team. I believe we have a massive opportunity to improving our product offering and technology regarding hotel rooms, and I have colleagues working hard to make our hotel offering similar to the ones you and I use to book our personal travel. This too is an example of the aim of making the customer experience more seamless.

CWT 3.0 also runs internally in our business. Thus, we have a Global Sales Effectiveness team implementing new CRM technology. This will help us better manage our client relationships through improved data – i.e we know who is calling, we know their preferences, and pressures experienced in last few trips, and we can leverage this to provide a better service.

But luckily we’re not alone on this technological journey. What has surprised me the most so far is that our clients are very much going through the same transformation as we are, so this digitalization resonates extremely well with them. The good news, which makes me very proud, is that we seem to be doing it faster than most of them and therefore we can show the way.

Personally, I’m a technology addict, so I use technology as much as possible when I travel (around 50% of my time is spent in a airplane). For example, I pass through security with my boarding pass on my apple watch, which (still) creates some buzz among the gate personnel and the nearby travelers. But in a few months it will be the norm because technology adoption is so high – and because it is just so… seamless!

About the author:

Sophie Hulgard is newly appointed Vice President Global Program Management EMEA. She operates a team of 60 people, based in Paris, and has been with CWT for nine years.

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