Get more value from your travel spend by putting employees first

The workforce is changing and new employees are entering the workforce with different needs regarding their personal versus private life balance. To really understand what value your employees bring and what matters to them the most is becoming vital for your organisation. When it comes to retaining and attracting the best talent savvy companies are putting their employees’ well-being at the core of their travel programme.

So how do you make your travel programme work for your staff and therefore your business?

Different folks, different strokes – Your workforce will have differing needs from their business travel depending on their circumstances in their private lives. It isn’t about offering luxuries but truly understanding what individuals value and giving them relevant choices.

Always Connected – The new generation of business travellers are used to being connected all the time, otherwise it raises their stress levels. So a prompt reply on requests is important and make sure transport options, lounges and hotel rooms are equipped with strong connectivity. 

Tool up – Providing your employees with modern tools like a mobile app makes it easy and even enjoyable during the booking process. If you want your employees to stick to your policy, the tools and services you provide must be on par to what they use in their everyday lives.  

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