How to impress your VIPs?

When you need to plan an incentive trip or meeting for senior staff it can be a real challenge. How do you still impress these VIPs who literally have seen it all: travelled the world, visited top-notch accommodation and shows and dined at the best restaurants? Fear not. Here are some tips to guarantee your success:  

Ø  Piece of paradise

Go for the unexpected and choose a country manor instead of a 5-star hotel. These places have the most exclusive facilities and service and are the ideal way to spend working intensely followed by recharging ones batteries amidst beautiful surroundings.

Ø  ‘Been there’ syndrome

Beat the ‘been there’ syndrome and organize activities that are impossible to do when you travel solo. For instance book a dinner at a museum or plan an encounter with a local celebrity.

Ø  Direct to the heart

Plan sustainable activities that will speak to their heart and are aligned with their companies’ CSR objectives. These life-changing experiences will stay in their minds forever and will have a positive impact on the local community.

 Ø  Get mundane

Authenticity and being able to feel like a boy scout beat luxe every time. If people can go beyond their comfort zone they might be positively surprised.

Ø  Sense of achievement

If you know that some people do like a challenge, then go climbing the Kilimanjaro, trailing along the Sahara or surviving in the Yukon…

 Ø  Know your VIPs

Try to find the special touch that will make them feel like they are at home. For frequent travellers a taste of home like a favourite tea or a special scent is always appreciated. 

Ø  Meet and greet

What about a customized pick-up from the second your VIPs land at the selected destination? Or organize a branded welcome booth at the arrival gate.

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