Introducing the CWT Nordic Service Delivery Management Team

– In a nutshell, our team’s responsibility is to assist our sales and program management teams in their operative matters, thus freeing them up to perform their important duty as a direct contact with our customers and further improving the customer experience, say Heidi Panicker and Tiina Saarela, two members of the Nordic Service Delivery Team based in Helsinki.

– In practice this involves, for example, creating service level- and other reports gathered from various sources and, if needed, in cooperation with other teams either in Finland or elsewhere. We also take part, together with our Client Management team, in info sessions and client meetings, are involved in customer implementation, enact changes in hierarchies in our systems as requested by our clients, work as customer relationship management supporters, and overall, help in any way we can.

Nordic cooperation provides insights

Our team consisting of four employees operates on a Nordic level. This as well as global cooperation with other teams in the company gives us a broader perspective and an opportunity to find and share the best methods available to our internal and external customers. One’s horizons broaden, the job requires constant development, and one’s practical language skills improve almost without effort, Tiina and Heidi summarise the best parts of their job.

Diverse work history helps when grappling with the big picture 

Tiina has worked in various positions at CWT since 2010, and Heidi has been in the company since 2005. Without listing all of their previous positions, when you listen to them you can hear that they have done almost everything that it is possible to do at CWT, which gives them a good grounding for their current position, in which Heidi has been for roughly three years and Tiina for just over a year.

The best thing about the job…? 

– Definitely that we get to learn something new each and every day. Our job is also wonderfully varied, which keeps the mind fresh and the senses open. Other great things include increased understanding about the workings of a global organisation and creating greater cooperation. We are also happy to have noticed that there are real opportunities to influence and get one’s voice heard in a big company even in a small country. This is very exciting.

– I also want to mention our great clients, with whom we occasionally get into direct cooperation, for example during various projects and implementations, which is a great bonus.

Team members in a nutshell 

Mare Suigusaar (Bromma, Sweden)

Nordic Service Delivery Manager since 200tAt CWT since 1992. Background in our business travel service team as team leader and customer relations manager.
Knows Swedish and English; like many Swedes, understands Danish as well.

When Mare is not working, she is playing golf or spending time at her summer cottage.

Tiina Saarela (Helsinki, Finland)

Nordic Service Delivery Manager since March 2016. At CWT since 2010, when she began as an intern. Tiina has also worked as a business travel expert in our various service teams, and in our visa-department.

Tiina speaks Finnish and English, and also understands Swedish.

On her spare time Tiina likes to spend time in nature, especially in northern Finland.

Stephanie Cremer (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Nordic Service Delivery Manager since March 2016. At CWT since 2013, when her internship began. She has also worked as a business travel expert in our various service teams.

Stephanie knows Danish and English, and also understands German.

When not at work Stephanie likes to spend her time searching for new, exciting travel destinations with her boyfriend.

Heidi Panicker (Helsinki, Finland)

Nordic SDM team leader. At CWT since 2005. Before her current position Heidi worked as a business travel expert in our various service teams for nine years.

Heidi is fluent in Finnish and English, and also understands Swedish.

Outside of work she is a full-time soccer mom. She has two sons who are very enthusiastic footballers.

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