Carlson Wagonlit Travel is known as a business travel agency and meetings and events organizer. It is the world’s largest travel agency chain, which operates in almost 150 countries- Our services consist of three entities: business and group travel management, traveler care and arranging events and meetings.

We guarantee superior service and travel experience by seamlessly combining  excellent  customer service with innovative technology.



Benefits from Business Travel Management

The core in Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s activities constitutes in a comprehensive travel management and business traveler care. Consistent service is provided globally. Your company gets the most advanced technology to guarantee personalized and most useful business travel services.

  • Fast and easy bookings.
  • Carefree way to manage services, documents and receipts.
  • Travel Management enables your company to ensure the savings.
  • All the information related to business travel can be found collectively in one service.
  • You will be successful with meetings and events.