We hear you: Tell us about your experiences and expectations as a meeting and event attendee!

Tiina Muukari, Global Supplier Manager at CWT Meetings & Events Nordics, is finalizing her BBA degree in International Business at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. It would be really appreciated if you could help her and also provide CWT Meetings & Events useful information about how to improve the attendee experience in meetings & events.

For her thesis, Tiina is studying the experiences and expectations of meeting and event attendees on commission of her employer, CWT Meetings & Events, Nordic. In addition to the face-to-face interviews that form the qualitative data of this work, Tiina is collecting quantitative data via a survey tool. All answers are completely anonymous.

Thank you so much for spending a little time (approx. 3-5 minutes) answering the survey and feel free to share this article and the link to your friends and colleagues should you wish to do so. The questions are related to many different things before, during and after the event. Take the survey

Once the results are ready the most important findings will be published on this site in another article.

Why is CWT Meetings & Events doing the study?

– Our co-operation with meeting & event bookers is working well and smoothly. But as we wish to be able to act as a true trusted meetings & events advisor to our customers we need to understand also the attendees better and know what they really value in an event. After all, all events are organized for attendees and it’s their opinion that matters most, Tiina says.

– When we get the information we can optimize our own service process and also offer meeting and event bookers more insights on how to build a WOW effect in a meeting or an event and meet and exceed the expectations of attendees, Tiina continues. – Based on the results we will also create an easy-to-use check-list for meeting and event planners and bookers to make their work life easier. This will help them in reaching the goals of their meetings and events and by doing that also improving the ROO (Return on Objectives) of the events.

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