Tips to face the unexpected during travelling

Fortunately, most business trips run smoothly. But sometimes you will face the unexpected…. These tips will help you be prepared:

  1. Do your homework – Before you go on your trip, make sure to be up to date on business practices, culture, climate, and possible threats.
  2. Make electronic copies of all your important travel documents Keep them stored in place for a quick access (e.g. dropbox) in case your devices fail, are stolen or you lose your printed copies.
  3. Take credit cards and always bring cash – Sometimes ATMs are hard to find, and you will be surprised to learn that in some hotels and restaurants they do not accept cards as a form of payment. If they do take cards, sometimes certain cards can be rejected, so it is always better to have a mix.
  4. Resist the temptation of traveling in comfortable clothes – Luggage can be lost, so you really want to avoid arriving at your destination wearing your tracksuit and trainers. So wear your business outfit on board and pack some underwear and a shirt in your hand luggage.
  5. Have a copy of the addresses and directions in the local language – Not everybody abroad will speak your language. So bring all addresses and even a small map and memorise key information. So, worst case scenario with no internet connection, you will be able to navigate your day successfully.

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