Travel as responsibly as you can!

As highlighted in our 2020 Global Travel Forecast, climate change has an impact on business travel. It causes disruptions and health and safety concerns. Also in the media the term ‘flight shame’ pops up quite frequently. However, face-to-face contact will remain an essential part of doing business, so here are three ways you can become a more sustainable traveler:

1. Progressive policies – Ask your company to review its travel program and steer more towards earth-friendly alternatives, like changing from flights to trains, or encouraging travelers to suppliers which are using modern and fuel-efficient fleets. But also by choosing hotels that have an established environmental program or select more vegetarian food over meat.

2. Leave no trace – Bring reusable shopping bags and coffee mugs, drink filtered or tap water where safe and only ask for towels and sheets at your hotel to be changed, when absolutely necessary.

3. Money where your mouth is – If you have downtime seek experiences which are set up especially to support the local people. When shopping for souvenirs, buy local products and services that favour ethical suppliers and support local workers.

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