Why do we say yes to Meetings & Events?

Blog by Pernilla Andrén, Regional Senior Director Nordic & Eastern Europe, CWT Meetings&Events

At CWT Meetings & Events, we love our customers’ meeting participants. What are the participants asking for? How do you get them engaged? How do you ensure they feel they are at the right meeting? That is why we at CWT Meetings & Events are extremely proud that our colleague Tiina Muukari, Supplier Manager, has chosen “Nordic Attendees’ Expectations for Corporate Meeting and Event Servicescapes” as the subject for her final thesis for BBA studies at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences . Her work is not quite finished yet, but here you have a small “preview” of the upcoming study. Please note, that if you’d like to have your say, too, you still can do it using the link below. Your answers would be highly appreciated!

Kotler has established as early as 1974 that there is a definite causal chain connecting atmosphere and purchase probability when studying the retail market. According to him, retail outlet atmosphere effected purchase behaviours in the following three ways: creating Attention, creating Messages and creating Affect. Although his study was about retail, it is possible to translate it to the meeting industry. In Tiina’s study, this is, among other things, something the meeting participants are asked to tell: what is important to you? When we as meeting organizers understand the meeting participants’ expectations, we can deliver and also exceed the expectations and thus create a better meeting effect. Then we can become better at planning and creating meetings that support and assist our clients in meeting their business goals and strategies.

The meeting industry is growing steadily, e.g. in 2017, it created 26 million jobs and more sales opportunities than the entire Electronics industry globally. Taking into account the large investment companies make in meetings and events, it should be obvious that planning is an important and strategic part of the investment.

The meeting participant is the customer. When participants are given the opportunity to evaluate a meeting / an event, it can be said that the answers describe the gap between expetations and perceived results. The smaller the gap, the better meeting has been.

But in order to do this, we must better understand the individual meeting participant’s expectation of what a successful meeting is made of. It can be anything from meeting room, food, invitation and content to interactivity. We have got answers to our questions from lots of meeting participants around the Nordic countries, but as said in the beginning, we would also like to get your answer. If you click on this link you can participate in the survey: It takes a maximum of 10 min. The survey is open until Friday 8 November. After the turn of the year, we will let you know the useful and interesting results of the study.

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